Jar of Stuff

I definitely have my share of stuff that is tucked into cupboards and stacked on top of shelves. It lines my closet and decorates my room. And if I think about it I have been collecting crap from a pretty young age.

https://pileofcrapandstuff.wordpress.com/wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/wordpress/img/trans.gifThe Stuff

The stuff that I have been collecting goes back to elementary school. I came across a pamphlet about a jazz concert happening in Toronto. It was one of those advertisements that arrive in your mailbox with no purpose.

Except, for this pamphlet- this had caught my attention.

Not that I was or am interested in jazz music but I was more interested in exploring/ travelling to Toronto. Yes, I had set my eyes on Toronto to explore.

How I imagine myself enjoying Jazz in Toronto

How I imagine myself enjoying Jazz in Toronto

Through many years I kept this pamphlet until a couple of years ago. I put the crap where it belongs- the garbage or in this case the recycling.

The Jar

The pamplet was kept in a pretty old jam jar. After the jar was empty and clean- I sneaked it into my room. (My mom hates that I have all this crap in my room)

In the end I decided the jar’s purpose would be best suited for carrying crap that I have collected. Even now, I won’t let my mom just recycle jars. I will keep my eyes peeled for any contents in the jar reaching their end. Then I’ll make sure that those jars that are slowly drying on the kitchen counter are kept safe until I make my move.

Jars, jars and more jars

Jars, jars and more jars

I mean, just think of the possibilities of an empty jar. They’re endless.


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