Cereal Box of Transfers

The Bus Terminal

My shoes pound the cement bus platform at South Common bus terminal. I weave my way between clutters of commuters. My left hand steadies my bad and right hand clutches my cell phone and transfer for the next bus. All with the speed and agility that only Jason Bourne could match. I pause outside the hissing door to 48N to let me in but I just see an unoccupied seat. My driver’s probably on his coffee break so I wait.

The Cereal Box

I can’t really explain where the cereal box came from. It was a Nesquick box that my parents usually buy in batches of 5 to 6. Our pantry looks like we will be surviving off cereal if any natural disaster hits. The box was empty and lying on the kitchen counter waiting to be thrown in the recycling bin. Suddenly, I would have thought this box will go well the pile of transfers that I have been collecting.

Collection of transfers?


Multiple transfers

The explanation of this collection can be best explained by my overwhelming use of the Mississauga Transit. I calculated ahead of time that if I will be working every day of the summer with no U-pass (student transit card) then I will be consuming a whole lot of transit tickets. And with the tickets come double the amount of transfers.

I’ll be honest- I got really excited when I thought about the amount of transfer I would have at the end of four very long months of commuting.

And then September Came

At the end of my four months of work the very large pile of transfers grew on my bookshelf. The orange and white paper peeked through piles of other useless paper. I had originally decided to make a collage of the transfers around a cardboard circle cut-out. But that was taking too long. I really couldn’t find any cardboard pieces big enough for the transfers.

Finally the result…

Cereal box of transfers

Cereal box of transfers

That’s when I settled on the cereal box. This rectangular shape will have to do. I cannot keep waiting for the perfect circle. I can’t say I was completely satisfied with the end product. But at least I was able to finally make something out of this collection. This transfer collection.

At some level, I wanted the finished product to show how much paper is used for transfers. I mean, that’s a lot of paper that we just throw out so why not take some of that. Save it. And then potentially make some mediocre/ crappy statement out of it.

And so now this cereal box of transfers sits tucked away under my chair beside my bed. Maybe, I’ll make something out of this. Start a transfer-cereal box collection. Now that would make a statement.


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