Peace and Beads

Nine year old beads

Peace bead necklace

Peace bead necklace

Nine years ago my sister, Aamna, made these blue beads out of clay. She had originally made a necklace out of them for her class project. There were however many beads that were left unused.

They were transferred from a small blue cardboard box, to a jewellery box to their final resting place which is a clay pot.

They were specially treated to be saved for future necklaces or bracelets.

The Beads of Peace

In the summer of 2012 I went on a three-day trip to New York with my cousins. Beside Time Square was a street blocked off by dozens of vendors. Selling the typical cheap New York souvenirs for the overly-excited New York City visitors.

One vendor had their entire table covered in tables of different bracelets and necklaces!

My fingers began to dig through the gems until I found a simple orange bracelet made of tiny wooden peace signs.

I bought it as a souvenir for my friend. It was for 3 bucks. I realized this was the crappiest gift for a good friend of mine and got her something else. But for now, the bracelet was mine and it traveled back to Mississauga with me. I wore it many times to school or at home.

Until one day when my brother began playing with it. It sat on my computer table and my fidgety brother began pulling, twirling and swinging it.

And that was the short life of the peace bracelet.

The bracelet broke. The pieces scattered across my carpeted floor. I immediately went searching for any and all pieces I could save. I looked at the broken pieces and immediately thought this could be turned into a necklace. Something better than its previous life as a bracelet.

The rebirth:

For turning the dismembered peace bracelet and nine-year old beads into a necklace I first needed some string. Without going to a nearby dollar store or crafts store I scavenged my mom’s supply of thread.

What I used:

  • Brown thread
  • Sewing needle
  • Beads
  • Concentration (because threading string ain’t so easy)

And here are the steps

  1. I threaded the needle four times to create a thick and strong string.
  2. I left the string un-cut so that I could adjust the length as I went along. I kept a 2 and half foot length of thread.
  3. I decided on a pattern that I and my sister, Aamna, would like because she was an equal shareholder to this project since it was her beads.
  4. Begin to place the beads through the thread and placing them in the centre of the 2 and half foot string.
  5. In between placing the beads I would pick up the necklace and see how it was looking throughout the process.
  6. When we had placed the last bead in the pattern it was time to tie the knot. To ensure a strong necklace Aamna and I did a simple knot four times.

Voila!- The peace and beads have been remade into something totally different.

Share your designs below!


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