Design Cup

Design Cup

Design Cup

Amidst the hustle of university life I stop by an “On the Go” shop that sells pizza slices, cookies, milk, coffee and etc. Conveniently, it was on my way to the library. I adjusted the heavy straps of my backpack and poured myself a small cup of French vanilla- praying that it would taste as good as my Timmy’s French vanilla.

The steamy drink poured into a plain white coffee cup. I took an extra cup to subdue the heat.

I deposited my bag in a study cubicle and opened my laptop. My hands reached for the french vanilla and I slowly took a sip.

Ugh. This tastes like shit. I couldn’t even compare it to a Timmy’s french vanilla.

In the end I forced myself to finish the drink I paid for. And as I placed the empty coffee cup to the side my eye caught the extra white cup sitting innocently to the side.

My eyes glanced across its smooth, crisp, white surface. I decorated its blank sides with swirls, leaves and doodles.

This will be a perfect addition to my collection of junk.

I have previously seen pictures of coffee cups with various designs and sketches. I like how these simple objects can be personalized. So when I saw that empty coffee cup sitting beside my laptop I was inspired to doodle.

All you need: a blank cup you can draw on & markers.

And begin. I didn’t have any specific design planned out. Each design was just something I randomly drew.


Cup design #1

Cup Design #2

Cup Design #2

Cup design #3

Cup design #3

Cup Design #4

Cup Design #4

Now this design cup sits in my room along with my other “stuff.”

What are some things you’ve personalized?


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