Unwritten Letters

One day like many other days I browsed through pictures, quotes and gifs on Tumblr. Amidst the wave of pictures I stopped at one particular post. My hand rested on the mouse.

I clicked the heart button and the picture saved to my “Liked Posts” and then I clicked on the re-blog button and posted the picture to my Tumblr page.

Another day, like many other days I came across another picture that I ‘liked’ and re-blogged.

I decided to combine the two posts to create something new. I went to my box of birthday cards and holiday cards and picked out all the envelopes.

After I had a decent collection of envelopes I decided to pursue this project. And the quote from the Tumblr picture worked really well with the envelopes.

A book shelf lined with published love letters to the moon. A body troubled with secrets of a romantic affair with the stars. AD

What you’ll need:

  • A collection of items (envelopes, pictures, transfers)
  • Stem wire (I picked mine up from the dollar store)
  • Tape/ glue
  • Marker
  • Bristol Board (this will be the backing to your design)

Helpful Tips:

  • Plan a design- take pictures of the different design you create and pick your favourite.
  • The key is to start pattern narrow at the top, widen in the middle and narrow in the bottom.
  • Procrastinate (I’ve been planning on doing this for a while so I’m glad this post pushed me to complete it!)
  • Begin construction

After you have a pattern begin to glue this to the bristol board which you can cut to your liking. On the back of the bristol board I wrote my quote. Finally, with the stem wires I created a hook so that I can hang these on my walls.

Before beginning the project

Before beginning the project

One of the two final pieces

One of the two final pieces

The quote on the back of the envelopes

The quote on the back of the envelopes

Let me know if you try this craft and share it below!


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